Solving the Prosthetic Problem

A staggering cost, a medical need, an unworn expensive mistake. These are all words to describe the prosthetic process for both injured workers and carriers.

Solving the Prosthetic Problem2021-02-04T15:53:14-06:00

Why Occupational Therapists are Ideal for Home Assessments

A home assessment determines the details of an injured workers’ home and what their specific challenges may be within that home. However, home assessments can come in varying degrees of detail and recommendation.

Why Occupational Therapists are Ideal for Home Assessments2020-11-25T13:10:15-06:00

Make a Move With our Trusted ATPs

There’s an important service that is hard to come by in the world of workers’ compensation: Effective delivery and set up of ALL large durable medical equipment (DME).

Make a Move With our Trusted ATPs2020-10-23T15:56:12-05:00

A More Comfortable FES Bike Option

CorLife has been at the helm of the DME ship in workers’ compensation for a long time. We have seen a thing or two when it comes to Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) bike options. There are only a few large players in this space. They are well-known, have great marketing and a strong presence at facilities of excellence. All in all, they make a great bike.

A More Comfortable FES Bike Option2020-08-11T13:00:11-05:00

Who’s at the core of a successful home modification?

Anyone in the workers’ compensation insurance industry knows that home modification projects can be complex. There are always a minimum of three parties involved: the injured worker, their insurance carrier and the home modification provider.

Who’s at the core of a successful home modification?2020-06-30T11:03:23-05:00

Clean Up Your Workflow This Spring

It’s time for spring cleaning! Eliminate what you don’t need, such as an unnecessary chain of network service providers. This month, we’ve illustrated a clear picture of what makes CorLife truly different from other network service providers.

Clean Up Your Workflow This Spring2020-05-12T14:19:22-05:00

Bringing Quality Care Home

This month, let’s talk home health care! Healing is truly done best when in the comfort of home. Home can help an injured worker regain some normalcy and routine. Home is where loved ones can be together and cope after a traumatic injury. Home is always the goal. CorLife is proud to help bring injured workers home while providing the best possible care.

Bringing Quality Care Home2020-02-17T15:49:48-06:00

The Power of Collaboration

Welcome to the inaugural blog post from CorLife and CorHome! We hope you find this monthly blog informative, interesting and applicable to your position within workers’ compensation.

The Power of Collaboration2020-01-29T12:54:14-06:00

Our Ranking on the 2019 Inc. 5000

As you may have heard, CorLife operates with a core philosophy of simplicity. And we stand out in our industry because of how we put this philosophy into practice. At CorLife, each case is managed—from start to finish—by ONE specially-trained clinical claim handler (CCH). This CCH is assigned to a claim from the beginning of the claim and follows it through to the end. They serve as the care and communication hub for each claim.

Our Ranking on the 2019 Inc. 50002019-08-26T16:17:53-05:00

Philanthropy is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

This time of year is known for giving, generosity and kindness. At CorLife, that’s our approach all year long. President/CEO Lauren Underhill believes as a business owner, there’s an obligation to give back to the communities CorLife serves. To show our appreciation, here are some ways CorLife lended a helping hand:

Philanthropy is the Gift That Keeps on Giving2019-02-22T14:14:18-06:00
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