Bringing Quality Care Home

This month, let’s talk home health care! Healing is truly done best when in the comfort of home. Home can help an injured worker regain some normalcy and routine. Home is where loved ones can be together and cope after a traumatic injury. Home is always the goal. CorLife is proud to help bring injured workers home while providing the best possible care.

CorLife has never been in the business of being all things to all carriers. We bring on services at our carriers’ request with careful consideration of each addition. After about four years of researching and planning, CorLife launched our home health care division nationwide in 2018. CorLife is a full-service home health care provider coordinating integral care to more than 1,000 injured workers yearly. That is no easy undertaking, but we have designed a magic formula that carriers can rely on and guarantees they are receiving the best care. Our formula centers around quality metrics. This sounds like a boring business term, but it truly is the key to success in the home health care realm of workers’ compensation. Three quality metrics that make our program successful are:

  1. Daily communication with constant reporting of conditions
  2. Grading system for attendance, complaints, documentation and reporting requirements
  3. Network availability to serve rural claimants

When CorLife assigns an agency to a claim, a partnership begins and the value of a claims specialist shines through. Claim adjusters and nurse case managers do not have time for the tedious task of tracking daily activity. Details can easily be missed, communication can be lost, and concerns can be left unaddressed.

Our claim specialists devote attention to each claim daily, whether the care is needed 24/7 or once per week. Every day, we check in with our agencies to ensure each claimant’s need is being met at home. We have strict orders that our agency contact person reports changing or non-changing conditions, family dynamics, changes in medication and new supply, equipment or transportation needs with thorough documentation after each visit.

One of the most challenging aspects of home health care that we encounter is the high demand for home health care workers in rural areas. With over 5,000 high-rated home health care agencies nationwide, CorLife can reach almost every area of the United States. Not only are nursing and home health aides included in our home health care division, but transportation, therapies and doctor visits are also included.

We invite you to experience the CorLife difference and help bring injured workers home.

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