Solving the Prosthetic Problem

A staggering cost, a medical need, an unworn expensive mistake. These are all words to describe the prosthetic process for both injured workers and carriers. Prosthetic companies are counting on the fact that you have no ability to effectively evaluate any of those criteria. At CorLife, we have positioned ourselves in the workers’ compensation space not only as experts, but also as the go-to industry leaders for teasing out medical necessity of these costly, but necessary items.

What is “teasing out medical necessity”? The true difference of CorLife’s prosthetic approach is taking an existing prosthetic claim that’s already been reviewed by a carrier for approval and critically reviewing it again. We determine if the 99 codes that the current prosthetists chose are medically necessary and if it is appropriate for their needs and lifestyle. This is accomplished by working directly with a treating prosthetist with over 20 years of experience to evaluate whether the most appropriate product was chosen. This process ensures the best pricing and the most successful outcome for the injured worker.

There are so many variables to consider beyond price and medical necessity. Have you asked why so many codes fall under miscellaneous 99L codes? How about if this injured worker can tolerate the heaviness of a myoelectric limb, or if they will damage it on the job? Do you understand the capabilities of each, and most importantly, do you understand the long-term implications and cost projections associated with prosthetics?

CorLife can clear and navigate that path for you. With our internal team of prosthetic professionals, CorLife is positioned in the market to make a lasting imprint on your bottom line, and most importantly, the injured worker’s outcome. There is a balance between what is necessary and what is a want. Through our comprehensive approach of working with the injured worker and treating prosthetist, we have a tested outcome model to ensure optimum results and compliance. In addition, we pride ourselves on an average of 30-45% cost reduction. CorLife has saved one customer over $3 million in six months on prosthetics alone!

Let us help you navigate this uncertain territory so you can be confident in your purchase, knowing it will give the injured worker the best outcome at the best price. We invite you to become more educated on prosthetics with a 30-minute course that expands on these principles.

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