Clean Intermittent Cathing Best Practices

There is no “gold standard” for bladder management. The implemented strategy must be specific to the individual and enhance their quality of life. The ideal model is interdisciplinary, responsive, and reality-based in proactively meeting the individual’s needs.

Clean intermittent catheterization (CIC), accommodates the complexity of completing a sterile technique, in “real life” circumstances and environments, and results in a lower rate of infection when compared to indwelling catheters. The benefits of CIC include preventing high residual volumes while also reducing the risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI).

CIC can be performed independently by the individual, their caregiver, or a healthcare professional. CIC is the best solution for bladder decompression for motivated individuals who can physically and cognitively participate in their care (Gill, 2018). In addition, this technique is preferred by men and women, over the use of an indwelling catheter, as a healthy alternative for bladder management.

The use of CIC promotes and simulates a normal voiding schedule and helps to maintain continence (Dorsher & McIntosh, 2012). Just as before the injury or diagnosis, the bladder must be drained regularly at timed intervals (typically every 4-6 hours), depending on bladder volume (Taweel & Seyam, 2015).

Catheter product selection should be determined by the individual user, based on functional abilities, lifestyle, and ease of use. User factors to consider may include dexterity for the management of the package and the catheter, balance for necessary positional changes, and strength for clothing management. Catheter features to consider may include rigidity for ease of insertion, “grippers” to reduce the risk of infection, and type of lubrication.

The benefits of CIC as a means of promoting healthy bladder management are vital to enabling individuals to participate in everyday life. Working with the right medical supply company as part of the multi-disciplinary team can be key to finding the right product that best fits the needs of medically complex clients, and promotes the return to work through healthy, active living. Corlife works closely with the team to secure and manage this relationship and to assist in providing the best care partnership possible.

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