Why are you paying so much?

DME companies thrive on “whatever the market will bear” pricing formulas. The outrageous hidden mark-ups are buried in cost estimates and are passed onto the carrier.

At CorLife, we believe that it is our responsibility to offer truly exceptional, high touch service and products at fair and reasonable prices. We are so confident in our value, that we have made it our corporate policy to be completely transparent in every aspect of our business, including pricing!

We pride ourselves on cost containment through transparency in billing, fair market value priced products and reliable service and delivery. Our foundation is based on these honest principles which continue to be the driving force at CorLife.

“We will be there before, after and in between”

CorLife provides ATP, therapist driven assessments for all wheelchair and complex rehabilitative equipment to ensure the best functional outcome.

CorLife offers installation through our network of certified, licensed and insured installation contractors. Our installers provide a quality service and a worry-free experience.

CorLife provides warranty coverage on all products sold. We offer a free one year service contract and extend that to honor all manufacturer warranties.

DFE (Durable Functional Equipment)


Equipment that is designed to last for a long time, especially without sustaining significant damage or wear.


Equipment and technology designed to have a practical application or serving a useful purpose. It enables the injured worker to maximize their functional independence.


The specific equipment, tools, or other items needed for a particular functional activity or purpose.

Prosthetics and Orthotics

CorLife’s national network of prosthetics and orthotics providers understand Workers’ Comp. Our two experienced consulting prosthetists ensure appropriate selection/medical necessity, we offer 24/7 access to care and we schedule evaluations within two days. Delivery of follow-up care is effective, thorough and included in the price. Administratively, our internal audit team conducts bill reviews/credentialing and we have a fast, effective quoting system.

“Through a focused vision, we provide superior results.”

ATP (Assistive Technology Professional)

Why an ATP?

An ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) is required under Medicare law for any powered seating fittings. At CorLife, we have only highly seasoned ATP’s performing our mobility assessments.


Reduced exposure of unnecessary, costly add-ons when the assessment is done the right way, the first time.

The ATPs possesses a deeper knowledge of the disease process and progression ensuring the equipment selection is appropriate, necessary and provides the best functional outcomes.

We adhere to even the highest government regulations.

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